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Sun Lake Park, the largest park of the city, is an open metropolitan park, which starts from the extending block of South Daqing Road on the east, reaches Tongtu Road on the south, borders Hubing Road on the west and joins North Road on the north. With total covering area is 43.6 ha., the park having total investment of 0.3 billion Yuan is built by Ningbo Municipal City Construction Investment Company. Waterscape of the park is broad and water area is about 15.5 ha. Apart from bluish green Sun Lake, the park has the manmade rivulet running through. There are abundant ginkgo, metasequoia, camphor and albizzia planted in the green area that is 14.6 ha. The main scenic spots of Sun Lake Park are: watching fish at Taoxi Rivulet, Golden Sand Beach, Eden Garden, Water Joy platform and corridor of waterside, which have a serene and comfortable surrounding, and the park has been formally opened to citizens in May 1, 2004.

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