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Located on the south shore of Yaojiang, Huaishu Road was name after a pagoda tree of hundred years old and in 1956, the pagoda tree was destroyed by typhoon, but the name of Huaishu Road is remained. Huaishu Road Cultural Leisure Street with 2 km. in length is the ligament that link the Grand Theater and the old bund, which starts from the west of New Bridge on the east to Yongfeng Bridge. In the past, the street was full of the fishy smell and disorderly buildings that have been removed, and at present there is the big public open space that has extended the space of city.
The street is divided into east and west sides. The east side will establish the commercial street that is the modern leisure street according to the plan. The west side is the leisure green belt integrating greenbelt, characteristic architecture and square, which is the typical urban recreative garden. The street with total investment of 0.25 bullion yuan is 50m in width whose total area is 11.4ha, and the ration of public open space is 70%. It also the largest waterfront sightseeing belt with the most complete facilities of Ningbo, the leisure street is like the “lung” of the city, which decorate and clean the space of city. The green belt is not only the urban waterfront sightseeing belt integrating the functions of image, recreation and ecological protection, but also the waterfront green corridor that displays the image of the city zone of Jiangbei, which has highlighted the culture image of the city and inhabited the art skeleton of Three-river gallery. On the Huaishu Road, the willow trees are dancing and the kiosks is mirrored on the water, and the flowing stream of people wander along the river, which has drawn a beautiful picture of modern city.
The leisure green belt is mainly divided in geometrical figure and is run through by water, the visitors can view much water scene like overlapping waterfalls, fountain of Zhenzhu Spring, dry spray square, spray square and water curtain; the characteristic building in the street is mainly the classic European sculpture and landscaping, so which can tally with the long historical culture of Old Bund of Ningbo and the development conception of modern cities. As for the architectural layout, the street also pays attention to the combination of modern times and history. The street also conserves the original 4 buildings that are in the style of recent period of the early 20 century while building the bridge corridor on water in the style of modern times. The four buildings are: House of Xu Family, House of Yang Family, House of Sun Family and a Christian Church. The houses belonged to the church and celebrities of industry and business, which incarnates the special architectural style of the combination of Chinese and Western Culture in the period of late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China.

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