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Being a symbolic cultural building, Ningbo Grand Theater is a key project of the New Century determined and implemented by CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Ningbo Government in "Tenth Five-year Plan" period, which aims at promoting the cultural development of Ningbo. The theater is designed by French architect- Frederic and the total area is 136,000 sq. m.(204 mou), wherein, the building area is about 52,000sq. m. and total investment is RMB 0.65 billion yuan.
Located on the top of “Three River Culture Gallery” of Yaojiang Bay, the theater facing the river is the grand integrative theater. Being the important part of “Three River Culture Gallery”, it is a cultural facility that has the most investment, the largest scale and the most complete functions at present. As for the design, the theater highlights “Harmonious and Perfect” and the harmony of the theater with the surrounding, which is like a shell in the sea, the arc of the top is like the butterfly stretching the wings that is full of the beauty of nimbus and life, the sculpt of whole building is natural and vital. On the southeast of the theater, it is the sculpture cultural square; the main entrance in the theater, there is the ladder with 80m. In width and 130 m in length, which is equipped with the majestic waterfall pond; through the ladder, people entering the open- air roof garden can enjoy the music fountain and wander in the enchanting culture garden. It is the individual project with largest investment and highest taste in the history of Ningbo.

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