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Located on Hongtang Town of Jiangbei District of Ningbo and covering an area of 3,000 mou, Ningbo Urban Agriculture Zone is the first modern agriculture demonstration zone of Zhejiang Province, the provincial high-tech agricultural zone, the key agricultural science and technology zone and one of the ten new sightseeing spots of Ningbo. Over the years, relying on the solid science and technology strength of agriculture scientific research of inside and outside of province, Agricultural Zone, setting the urban recreative and sightseeing agriculture as the development direction and taking the development of modern agriculture as the key point, has enhanced the introduction, demonstration, popularization of the high and new technology for agriculture; and taking the road of integrating the production and sales, combining the farming, science and tour and harmonizing the economy, society and ecological efficacy, Urban Agricultural Zone that exhibits the demonstration functions and the radiating driven action of the modern high-tech agriculture, has developed as the services center of introduction, demonstration, popularization of modern advanced agricultural technology of Ningbo as well as the circumference, the production base of green farm products , the education base of science popularization and the famous scenic spot of farm.
I. Carrying out scientific projects shows demonstration effects. During recent years, the area has already founded 5 agriculture research institutions, one experimental agriculture research center, and has brought in more than 40 agriculture projects. There are also 3 national integrated agriculture development projects. The total investment for the scientific researches has reached RMB 50 million. The area has founded the space breeding demonstration base of China (Ningbo), demonstration base of top grade flower (butterfly orchids) production, national farm belt testing station, testing breeding base of high quality fruit, base of otter rabbit breeding and base of extract and rejuvenation of silver prussian carps etc. there are 37 introduced advanced and supporting technologies for farm, 23,200 mou of the total popularized area and more than 400 new variety, wherein, the popularized area can reach 5000 mou, the radiating area15,000 mou and the farmers driven are 500 households.
II. Constructing the base of green farm products, realizing the agriculture industrialization. There are already the base with area of 200 mou of top grade flowers such as butterfly orchids, pineapple, clivia, peony, gerberas, lily-longiflorum, the base with area of 500 mou of extract fruits (mainly Hongtang premature sweet pear and grape), two bases of otter rabbit, one egg-products processing base and one base with area of 240 mou of silver prussian carps and south American white prawns. Metropolitan Agriculture Zone can annually output 2 million of diversified top-grade flowers, more than 920 tons of high quality fruit, 90,000 otter rabbits, 240 tons of silver prussian carp and south American white prawns and thousands of fine-bred silver prussian carp. Wherein, the modernized environmental control intellectualized greenhouse that has been established in the flowers produce base can produce 0.3 million basins of butterfly orchids annually, which develops as the largest butterfly orchids produce base of Zhejiang Province with the topping facilities of our country.
III. Developing the science popularization of agriculture and promoting the implementation of the science into the agriculture. There are promotion center agricultural science, Ningbo youth green school and the exhibition hall of aerospace agricultural science, which made it the exhibition and training center of the advanced technology both at home and abroad. According statistics, utilizing the facilities of science popularization, the area has held multiform activities and trainings of agricultural science popularization and the trained students are more than 80,000 person-times and the trained farmer are40, 000 person-times.
IV. Developing recreative farming and driving the development of tourism farming. According to the requirement of agricultural sightseeing tour, the area that has aggregated and utilized the existing farming facilities and ecological resources, has established characteristic projects of agricultural tour including semitropical recreative plant garden, exhibition of top-grade flowers, picking activities of extract fruits and vegetables, grape gallery, Tongtang Holiday Village, barbecue on dyke, encourage training and handcraft workshop of ceramic art etc., which have attracted numbers of citizens and students. At meanwhile, targeted to be developed as the characteristic eco-agricultural and cultural scenic spot the zone has entrusted the investment center of National Development and Reform Commission to revise and plan wholly, which also schemes the projects of Sunhu Lake Landscape Spot, grape gallery, farming joys and recreative party of shed.

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