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A thousand-year-old ancient temple--Baoguo Temple


Baoguo Temple, the thousand-year-old ancient temple, is the only wooden building of Song Dynasty in the south of China.

Baoguo Temple,located in jiangbei district of Ningbo city,is surrounded by hills.It has a quite beautiful scenery and convenient transportation facilities.The temple was first built in the eastern Han Dynasty by the name of Lingshan Temple,and was renamed baoguo Temple in the first year of the emperor Guangming Reign in the Tan Dynasty(880A.D).The main hall was rebuilit in the 6th year of the Emperor Dazhong xiangfu Reign in the northern Song dynasty(1013A.D).And represents the oldest and the most well preserved wooden construction with a high bearing on history,arts and science.In Mar.1961,it was designated by the state Council as one of the first group of keycultural relics units under state Protection Now a days baoguo temple is known as a wood-structured architectural complex of various dynasties,namely classicscolumn of the Tang dynasty,the main hall of the Song dynasty,the commonhall of Ming Dynasty,the Heaverly King Hall,the Goddess of Mercy Hall,the Bell tower and the drum tower of the Qing Dynasty,the bud deist sutras libraury of the Republic of china,and so on.

There are altogether 17 exhibition halls in Baoguo Temple open to thepublic.In addition to the building itself,other important cultural relic exhibitsion displays include Emperor-conferred longchang,Buddhastatues,a-thousand-labor bed,ten-thousand-labor sedan,to name just a few.


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